Friday, May 7, 2010


At kickball this past Monday, my friend Browntown said that I should start a blog so he could ask me if I hated certain movies. He said I should let people ask me about random things to see if I hated them instead of just writing about stuff that I already knew I hated or wanted to complain about.

I said I would because it sounded like a good idea and people already always ask me how I feel about movies and music and food and many other things anyways. Now I can just write it down for all to see. One of the reasons they ask me how I feel about these topics is because they know the kind of response I'll give and they really like listening to me rant and yell about my disgust with everything because I take it personally that these crappy things exist.

So now you can ask me anytime if I hated something and I'll tell you yes and no and why. And if I haven't experienced it yet, I'll try and make that happen so I can answer your question.

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